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Acumatica vs Dynamics GP

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Compare Acumatica to Dynamics GP

How does Microsoft Dynamics GP compare to Acumatica?

Dynamics GP’s “web client” has limited modules available online.

Because Acumatica was developed to be a web-based ERP solution, Acumatica users enjoy full application functionality on all devices connected to the internet. Dynamics GP’s “web-client”, has limited modules available online. In order to use the web-client, SharePoint must be purchased. Many browser and device (mobile and tablet) compatibility issues are reported. Custom

GP is still written in Dexterity.

Acumatica understands that an ERP purchase is a long-term, significant financial decision that greatly affects the productivity of your business, which is why we believe in providing you with the latest technology has to offer. Acumatica is developed in up-to-date .NET Framework, an interoperability programming language that allows for easy customization and integration. GP is still written in Dexterity, a proprietary programming language developed in the early 1990’s for GP’s original accounting package.

Other Differences Between Acumatica and Dynamics GP

  • Dynamics GP is priced by concurrent users. Generally, causes businesses to limit users and choose which users can be on the system at any given time. Acumatica is not priced per user – but rather, by hardware. On the lowest pricing tier, roughly 50 active users can access the system concurrently. We can explain this more in detail if you’d like to contact us.
  • Dynamics GP deployment options are limited. GP can be launched on-premises or hosted. Acumatica, on the other hand can be deployed on-premises, hosted, or in the cloud. Also, only Acumatica allows companies to switch back and forth between these models without any major migration.
  • GP is built on old, proprietary Dexterity framework.
  • Acumatica has a much more complete project accounting module.
  • Dynamics CRM must be bought seperately. In order to connect Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP, a connector must be purchased. Acumatica’s CRM is a module that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the ERP system.
  • Customers report several browser compatibility issues with the GP Web Client.
  • GP does not have any “real” SaaS solution.

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